We hear what people say, understand what they mean, and presume what they don’t say. This type of listening is transformed into creative, unique and relevant insights for your company.

Why Ginger

Because we have been in your shoes and we know what is expected of us.

Senior-level service, exclusive projects, creative planning, execution quality, deep analysis and well-founded, impactful and relevant recommendations for your business.

How do we ensure this?

By putting together a team of exceptional professionals, with diverse backgrounds, creative freedom, deep understanding of marketing and strategy, working together to create customized, innovative and surprising solutions.

Who we are

What we do

We reduce risks

We identify opportunities

We track performance

We teach you

To whom we do it

What they say

Privacy policy

Ginger reorganized its processes and procedures and developed Personal Data Protection policies, in compliance with GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation (EU) and LGPD - General Data Protection Law of Brazil. involving:

  • Improvements in the management of internal and external data updating all security measures and control mechanisms
  • Use of personal data collected respecting their specific purpose, within the limits of the holder's consent and keeping it for the shortest time necessary
  • Review of contracts, rules and privacy terms involving employees, suppliers, partners and customers
  • Periodic training for employees, suppliers and partners, ensuring that data protection is always a priority

if you want to know more about our Personal Data Protection Policy, click here or consult our DPO (Data Protection Officer) - [email protected]


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