Daniella Pugliesi
Daniella Pugliesi

Qualitative Project Leader

[email protected]

She has a degree in Psychology from PUC-SP, she is a psychotherapist and has a postgraduate degree in Market Research. Dani loves to talk, she has a keen eye and ability to see beyond the obvious and is able to ramble about random topics for hours.

She has worked in qualitative research for over 11 years and, before coming to Ginger, she had her own Existential Psychotherapy practice. She also worked downtown at the Novolhar Association as a project coordinator, helping at-risk children and teenagers: Um Novolhar sobre o Bixiga. (A play on words with the company’s name, “A New Look at Bixiga”). She also worked at the Vanzolini Foundation, dedicated to training preschool teachers in the public education system.

When it comes to research, her analyses are deep, always seeking out connections between consumer behavior and their psychocultural aspects. When she is not working, Dani is definitely unraveling mysteries in suspense movies and series, or devoting herself to the most challenging and delightful endeavor of her life: being Pedro’s mother and Laura’s stepmother!