Priscila Tutida
Priscila Tutida

Qualitative Project Leader

[email protected]

Graduated in Business Management (FEA/USP) and in Industrial Design (FAAP), Pri is a very observative person and loves to study. She is a postgraduated student in Psychoanalytic Semiotics (PUC) and in Dialogues between Philosophy, Cinema and Humanities (PUC).

EShe understands a lot about brand strategy, market research and competitive intelligence, areas where she worked while she was in different companies of research, consulting, industry and retail. She is one of those people who go deep into things, that’s why she is recognized for the richness of her analysis, for her multidisciplinary and also for being workaholic (we can’t deny it!).

In the rare moments that she is not working or studying, you will surely find her taking care of one of her life’s passions: her dog!